Oceans Campus is Africa's premier provider of wildlife based practical training, internship and volunteer programs. 




Join the scientific team conducting dedicated and groundbreaking research on great white sharks and other marine predators within Mossel Bay. Gain unparalleled field training in the latest marine research techniques 



Join a team of passionate researchers and conservationists studying and working to protect the unique fauna and biodiversity of Southern Africa. Gain field experience and insight into the lifestyle as you take your first steps in this rewarding field. 



Learn the art of wildlife film-making while interacting with Africa’s most charismatic wild animals. Create your own 5 minute wildlife documentary, filmed on one of Africa's most inspiring game reserves


An unparalleled opportunity for you to develop photography skills to a professional level while experiencing Africa’s magnificent landscapes, charasmatic wildlife, extreme adventures, and even Great White Sharks. 



This training program equips students with the knowledge and practical skills to produce world class underwater photographs. Dive with and photograph manta rays, whale sharks, humpback whales and many more marine animals. 



This program focus's on how to pay for your adventures through environmental and travel journalism. The internship immerses you into the wonders of Africa, in the context of writing featured articles, blogging and collecting accompanying photographs. 



Enter the domain of the greatest predator in the oceans… the Great White Shark. Assist in the daily operations of a great white shark cage diving company, collect population data on various marine species, partake in  community outreach and education programs.



Join the world famous team of Blue Wilderness, and aid them in their on going mission to be recognised as the top shark diving and adventure company in Africa. Spend a month swimming (cageless) with shark, conducting outreach, and even experiencing the annual Sardine Run.