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OC_2-4_week_badgeThe Oceans Research Internship Program enables aspiring scientists and conservationists to work in conjunction with leading marine biologists. You will work with the scientists as they undertake ground-breaking research on the charismatic marine mega-fauna of Southern Africa, including great white sharks.

A unique internship experience to learn a wide variety of projects and in depth aspects of practical field research on species such white sharks, bottlenose dolphins, Southern right whales and smaller benthic shark species. Research will be done both at sea and in an aquarium. During your stay you play a vital role, from data collection to data management. We use your collected data to advise various industries, including the government, on real-time issues in marine conservation. 



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  • Enrico Gennari – Director of Research

  • Dylan Irion – Scientist in Residence

  • Alan Jardine – Senior Aquarist

  • Lauren Peel – Field Specialist

  • Olivia Seeger - Field Specialist

  • Justin McCarthy - Skipper and NSRI trainer



  • Population assessment and long-term trend of the white shark, humpack and bottlenose dolphins, Southern right whales and Cape fur seals
  • Habitat use of white sharks and marine mammals
  • Shark conditioning behavioural studies
  • Population structure, diet and movement of endemic benthic sharks
  • Predator-prey behavioural strategies of white sharks and Cape fur seals
  • Shark stress physiology and behavioural studies
  • Shark anatomical dissections and morphometrics
  • Tonic immobility on shark species
  • Visual deterrent of white sharks
  • Alleviation of white shark-water users conflict


R 28,999 - 1 month * R 17,999 - 2 weeks

Program fee covers the following services

  • Join in the excitement of bait handling
  • Chumming to attract great white sharks
  • Collecting samples and morphometrics from a beached southern right whale
  • Making data notes of sharks sighted and photographed during a chumming expedition
  • Learn how to accurately size sharks using laser beams + a GoPro camera
How it Works